How to Stop America’s Collapse

Note to readers: this article can be about any racial event in the country’s turbulent present. Substitute the word “Charlottesville” for the media hysteria event of your choosing. “Las Vegas,” NFL, etc. Skip to the end to get the gist, or skim through Twitter moment summary if  you are allowed on Twitter (unlike my recurring suspensions).

How to Stop America’s Collapse

If White Privilege is the Problem, then What is the Solution?

Charlottesville is about the end of America as a nation. As a nation in both the broad sense, and the specific. The broad sense unique to every individual using the word, and the specific as a sovereign nation within the inter-national community of nations.

It is tempting to write-off Charlottesville as a domestic flare-up uniquely involving “extremists” and “radicals” from “both sides.” This is the response of those who want to be “conciliatory” and remain “above the fray.” A laudable take possible from the safety of a comfortable suburban home just far enough (two miles) removed from events to allow the conflation of one’s wishes with reality.

Charlottesville is about more than radicals from “both sides.”

Charlottesville is about more than radicals from “both sides.” The Antifascists, Black Lives Matter, and chaotic plethora of disorganized torch carrying “White Nationalists” are not mere outliers, not just the pawns of a brawl financed by George Soros and the Koch brothers.

Terry McAulliff, Virginia’s governor, is wreaking his state like he wrecked Clinton’s run against Obama in the Democratic primary of 2008; he and Charlottesville mayor Michael Signer bear some responsibility for the fracas, and the Alex Jones/Democracy Now interpretation of world events — nothing happens organically, systemically, or naturally, everything is the result of a Globalist/Capitalist cabal exercising their evil will — isn’t entirely off base.

Even more tempting than conspiracy theories, is to pin the blame on the scummy left-wing media or the devil incarnate – Donald H. Trump.


For the more intellectual, culturally suave, Zen balanced Ralph Lauren slicksters, i.e. the “above the fray-ers” sitting in their rattan wicker chaise longue on solid hardwood patios snug under a Biddeford Heated Faux Fur Throw sucking up the news from an Ipad Pro 10.5 surrounded by bonsai trees and inhaling essential oils vaporizer from their Ultrasonic Aromatherappy Diffuser, it is Ivanka Trump, Steve Bannon, John McCain, Marc Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and every daddy-money-bags on Wall Street and fat-cat bureaucrat in Washington DC, that have let their egos get in the way of the country’s national interest and share the blame for Charlottesville.

It is the elites, who are fractured, confused, spoiled, cosmopolitan, without roots, loyalty or country, historically illiterate and over-ambitious, that are pushing America in the direction of a failed state. Begging the obvious question, when the Tucker Carlsons, Michael Savages, Jake Tapers, and Rachel Maddows retire to their abodes after a hard day’s work interpreting events for the rest of us, do they wonder what exactly is their role in the incontrovertible decline of the land upon whose shoulders they have climbed their career ladders? (Savage clearly does think about his role).

As tempting as the “above the fray” position is to the psyche of America’s thinking classes, to which everyone from Bill Clinton (who when he thinks, thinks better than most) to the next-door neighbor capable of a modicum of non-hysterical reflection belong, it is a position of privilege to blame “Both Sides” for Charlottesville and then sip a Havana Club and puff Cohiba smoke rings.

The privilege of opinion, over action. Of observation, over participation. The privilege of a patio, either mortgaged or which belongs to grand-ma. The privilege which like all true privilege, is invisible to those who hold it, and of which they do not want to be made aware except on terms which flatter their egos.

For one kind of American, privilege leads to a form of self-flattery via a necessary belief that their veranda furniture is the result of their own hard-work. Not having a wicker chair in their type of America, is the result of laziness, stupidity, or lack of motivation. Provided someone decides to make it, they automatically will make it in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. If someone fails in America, it’s because their motivation didn’t conspire hard-enough to make them succeed.

That’s the dogma of the Republicans.

For those who impulsively mock this dogma and respond with high-pitched laughter to the “land of opportunity” label, it is even more important to grasp the manner in which their thinking is subject to the whims of the same privilege they deride in others. The Left-wing types, the ones who act as if America were stuck in 1847, the years before Yankees gobbled up Mexico’s Northern territories and the “Mason-Dixie line” was a hot topic, delude themselves by thinking that privilege is the problem of the hated Right, but never their own.

According to the “Above the Frayers” perched high above both dogmas, the Right refuses any whiff of the word “priviledge” while the Left cannot function without repeating it ad nauseum, and an impasse has been reached in with any discussion degenerates into ideological warfare. “Both Sides” are to blame. “Both Sides” are too extremists. Why can’t we all just get along? Why can’t the Left and the Right unite, copulate, and spawn a solution?

In a country defined by hype, marketing, and spin, reality is simpler. There aren’t no real “Above the Fray-ers.” Only self-flattering dupes.

The Right and the Left are perfectly willing to talk about privilege, but with the proviso that it happen on their own terms, which amounts to no discussion at all. Insisting on one’s terms, means imposing them. It means talking, not listening. It means, simply put, being in position of privilege, and it implies that the clash in American politics is not of irreconcilable concepts or ideas, but of powerful privileges. Privileges of the Right, privileges of the Left, privileges that no one in America, from a Juan flipping burgers in Mac-in-the-Jacks to a Gupta flipping derivatives in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, can claim to be “above” and “beyond”, privileges which everyone, no matter what cologne or deodorant they roll under their dirty armpits, can pretend to not have, nor can afford to not denigrate and spite in polite company.

It is the height of self-serving privilege to believe that Charlottesville is a problem of extremists and outliers.

It is the height of self-serving privilege to believe that Charlottesville is a problem of extremists and outliers. That it is about someone else’s privilege but not yours. The privilege of Antifascists to avoid scrutiny and get a pass from the media. The privilege of White men to go out and Sieg-heil because their racist ancestors imposed apartheid on the “colored” folk. It is the height of a disconnected life afforded by suburbia’s Brave New World lifestyle, to think that if the baseball bats are swung by the impetuous and brash, then those not swinging, but raptly watching, are magically immune and “above the fray” only because their fat asses are firmly planted in their sofas.

The outward appearances of those fighting in Charlottesville, does not suggest any lack of Ipads, verandas, or electric blankets. These are average Americans, well fed, well dis-informed, and full of enthusiasm and boundless ambition. Far from being a case of extremists going after extremists, Charlottesville is average America going after average America, and the damage being done is not only to the average American, but in the specific idea of a nation as a sovereign state, it will foment chaos from the North Pole to the South, with Uganda and Lichtenstein in between.

Far from being a case of extremists going after extremists, Charlottesville is average America going after average America,

Those who expect that America’s collapse will work to the favor of universal justice and equality, are as deluded as those who believe American hegemony is the cynosure of world peace, and those who relish the sight of Americans destroying Americans, will be sorely disappointed when they learn that inevitably these Americans will have to come and destroy them.

A nation whose members enjoy hating one another, isn’t going to think twice about people it can annihilate with the push of a button.

America — where poverty is defined relatively to a medium income — unlike the rest of the world where it is an absolute of 1.90 $ — is collapsing before our very eyes, because privilege is part of the average American’s life. It is noxious and invisible, only to be mentioned on one’s own terms, and the result is that being ignorant of our privilege, we are sleepwalking into our doom.

Americans, on the Left and Right are drowning in privilege which relative to the rest of the world is tasteless, absurd, and sickening. We are disgustingly rich, as the finances of American political culture prove. There is no lack of Gates, Kochs, Soroses, and Adelsons drizzling their cash on self-serving causes.

The income of the average Right and Left voters varies, but neither live anywhere near the 1.90 $ known to a Tajik, Ghanian, or Bhutanese. In America, we define poverty relatively to the income of those who have it, not those who don’t.

In our rich country, debates about “privilege” aren’t about how to install sewage pipes, as is the case for the poor choking on the runoff of New Delhi or Lagos . Americans don’t have to wonder which of the four wives of their Malian or Bangladeshi parents benefits from “First Wife” “privileges”. We are too advanced for such trifling nonsense. In America, we define our privileges in relation to those who are richer than us, not those who are like us, or worst of. (the obvious oxymoron is lost on us all)

We don’t have to “debate” if and when we will ever get sanitation or an internet connection, our wealth allows us to focus on far more pressing issues like toilet paper orientation, to go berserk if urinals are not torn out of cis-gendered toilets, and to “be insulted” if someone who mutilates their body insists on mutilating how others use their pronouns. America is not Pakistan or Romania. Food poisoning isn’t common here, and the poorest putz can afford a pair of Nikes.

To any unbiased observer, America’s preoccupations convey nothing but obscene privilege. Our political bloviation come across as the nit-picking of spoiled brats, of whiny little bitches, one narcissist bickering with another.

Privilege does not divide the Left and the Right in America. It doesn’t cleave the country right down the middle. It unites America. It makes America America.

It is not some piddling right to vote, or to buy a porn-magazine in which Hugh Heffner lampoons POTUS that makes America America. It is not the absence of lèse-majesté that makes our country special. It isn’t even the Bill of Rights, Emma Lazarus, or the Bible.

It is privilege, in the form of wealth, status, and power that turn the world’s eyes to America’s shores and which make America America.

It is privilege, privilege which Americans of all colors and creeds experience in over-abundance, that unites us in making us incapable of mentally coming to terms with who we are. Regardless of our political/toilet paper orientation, faced with the facts of our privilege, we have to deny them, and in doing so we give wind to the conflicts which inevitably will consume us. America’s unity in Privilege creates diversity which when driven uniquely by self-interest results in divisiveness, and collapse.

Roughly speaking, in America, we have two dominant mental responses to privilege neither of which are mature or well-thought-out.

Those who are satisfied with their station in life, and are intent on safeguarding it, commit to a personal belief system which reflects these intentions. Regardless of how they came to their privileges, the intention of preserving them, commits them to a system of thought in which “merit” = “wealth,” and the question of (relative) poverty is obviated. It’s not their business or their problem. It’s a problem of the “conspiracy of the will” and has nothing to do with them, and their own success.

Profound insight. Convincing!

It would be funny if it weren’t so ingrained and common to our beliefs as Americans. If it weren’t so self-serving, self-centered, so self-flattering.

Our ignorant callousness isn’t only a tragedy, but the crucial reason why other American choose not to be intent on preserving anything they have inherited or earned, whether it’s a modest trailer home, or a beach-side villa in the Hamptons. In rejecting capitalism’s hyper-egotism, obnoxiously propounded as the Central Dogma of the Right by pundits, acolytes, and galore, Americans on the Left commit to a world-view in which they assimilate privilege to something illegitimate, ill-gotten, and a fluke of history. To them, privilege is independent of any personal effort, and there is no need to believe that either hard work or motivation will preserve, help accumulate, create, or spread it to others.

At first these two positions appear radically at odds, and seemingly irreconcilable — like mixing oil with water, or deficit spending with balanced budgets. Upon closer examination, these impressions are ersatz.

Ostensibly the Right wants to preserve its privilege, whereas the Left is ready to forgo its part. In practice, the Left has no intention of forgoing any part except that of the Right. Both pretend not to really have “privilege” hence the Left doesn’t feel its privilege is threatened because of, and only because it spends its life attacking the privilege of the Right which the Right is busy saying it doesn’t have either, but whose defense is its very raison d’etre. Both have privilege. Both are happy about it. Neither is going to give their privilege to anyone else, and neither will cry or lift a finger if someone else’s privilege is lost, hurt, or dissipated.

Basically, the Right is willing to fight to maintain its “non-existant” privilege but doesn’t give a hoot about others having, or not having it. It propounds that “others” simply have to “want privilege” and they will automatically get it in return. The GOP calls this shallow callousness — minding its own business. Mirroring this childish mental junk, the Left pretends it has no privilege of its own, and that it is solely preoccupied with the “troubling” fact that others do. Defined by insecurity and envy, it is apathetic to anyone who isn’t envious or insecure. The Right may be blind to human misery, but the Left takes it one step further and fashions itself as the party which hates the blind. In the name of justice and equality it spews rage and hatred against its enemies, ceaselessly advocating violence as a necessary means to the ruthless defeat and annihilation of the privileged, but blind!

Both the Left and Right are drowning in privilege, neither are curious about giving it or defending it for others, and anyone who claims to be “Above the Fray.” Balenciaga purses and Rolex watches can’t magically turn “Above the Freiers” into chachams. Privilege is privilege and it is invisible to those who hold it. Who goes for Balenciaga anyway? Fendi, Constantin Vacheron, Martha’s Vineyard, St. Tropez — they’re the answer!

In America “race” is an inevitable category which preceded the formation of the country itself. Americans use racial terms which differ from those of the UK, France, and the rest of the world, but this does not make these terms arbitrary, necessary, optional, or inevitable. They are constructs, not of our will, or imagination, but of forces we perpetuate in our everyday notions of self-identity and our choices of mating partners. Forces which reflect our history and turn the past into the present — coloring how each and every one of us perceives his or her own country based on our own imputed race. We may not always like “race” as a term, but it touches every aspect of our daily lives without us having a clue of how to de-constuct, alter, improve, or change it.

We may not always like “race” as a term, but it touches every aspect of our daily lives without us having a clue of how to de-constuct, alter, improve, or change it.

It does no one any good to reflexively deny the existence of “White Privilege” or to treat the term as a threat to their own. Be it via the racism of Whites against non-Whites or in the hysterical notion of “White Genocide”. In a country where race is the core of people’s identity, and privilege abounds in setting the bounds of the racial construct, what is to be expected if not the emergence of a persistent historical relationship between privilege, and race? Between economy, politics, sociology, and resource distribution?

Yes, in a country where race is identity, and which grants its citizens the political privileges of free inquiry, of free assembly, and of free exchange, it is inevitable that race will emerge in some putative relationship to the various forms of privilege within the system, be it economic, social, or political. Privilege is the catch-all term for access to these resources. From getting a hearing in the media, to quality drinking water, to abundance of public services, to the affordability of education, a hair-cut, and a manicure.

In America, race has always determined access to these resources and shaped the specific type of privilege that Whites and Blacks would experience in the country. By its very nature America could not, nor can it as this stage, override the relationship between race and resources, between race and privilege.

If one looks specifically at the economic privileges of Blacks and Whites, their divergence is significant not so much in terms of average income, as much as in occupational differences and in the value of total assets under ownership. On average Blacks are in the lower-middle class. Whites are square in the middle of the income ladder. Neither Blacks nor Whites lack food, housing, heating, nor air conditioning, but America’s Whites own half the planet. There couldn’t be a starker difference than between the amount of real estate, investment, and intellectual property owned by America’s Whites, and the piddling amount belonging to America’s Blacks.

It’s a statistical measure. One reflecting America’s developed financial institutions and revealing exactly nothing about how trillions of dollars in mutual and pension funds metamorphose into political and social privilege. Nor does the measure imply that America’s Blacks have no privileges of their own or that they are poor relative to other groups, or relative to their own economic potential.

The same cannot be said said of occupational profiles which hold the key to grasping what makes Black America Black, and White America White.

When professional employment is analyzed, it is merely an incontrovertible observation that Black occupations follow a stereotypical pattern exhibiting low cultural, educational, and social investment. Patterns grounded in long-term economic histories going back not five hundred, but five thousand years, and to the manner in which White plantation owners exploited Blacks in the New World. It is an investment which needs to be encouraged, and which awaits its time, but one which owing to America’s particular circumstances cannot be made until the issue of White Privilege is addressed head on.

The average Black professional profile says it all. It says it all about the place of Blacks in American society, the place of Whites, how these places were created, and what is required of America if it is to keep its place among the nations and survive the 21st century.

The plight of America’s Black community is nowhere better illuminated than in the job market where myopic laws which are supposed to help Blacks do everything but.

“Affirmative Action” aka Racism in Hiring, lowers the perceived value of Blacks as mere “quota hires,” stigmatizing them as lacking objective merit and incapable of competing on the basis of merit with other job applicants, in turn feeding America’s orgiastic business of incessant race based litigation further stigmatizing Blacks (and a few specific minorities) as a business liability.

Who in their right mind wants a thin-skinned, race-obsessed, litigious ambulance chasing employee conditioned by society to feel “insulted” by the slightest malapropism or expression of political heresy?

Pervasive single-parent female led households lack the paternal role-model necessary to instill discipline so evidently lacking in contemporary Black culture which distastefully exhibits itself as proudly vulgar, aggressive, impulsive, hyper-sexualised, querulousness, and spiteful. On screen, radio, and internet Black icons portray Blacks as hysterical, arrogant, self-centered, narcissistic, and untrustworthy. It is the height of privilege that in a country as perverted as America, traits which are inimical to the long-term interests of Blacks, which are noxious to the lives and dreams of Black boys and girls, are pimped and hawked not merely as acceptable, but are shoved down the entire country’s throats as desirable, hip, and cool. To add injury to insult, any attempt to criticize this travesty and perversion is met with intense hatred telegraphing physical threats and violence, irrespective of the race of the person doing the criticizing.

The few Black “performers” who cash in on this new age minstrel show palliate their guilty conscience by blaming Whites or by claiming that they are “only representing reality.” The White lawyers, White producers, and assorted White (and sometimes Asian) scum whose capital, know-how, and greed first dragged Africans into this country and has never stopped leaching off them since, makes money off the entire Black life-cycle from cradle to prison to grave. It’s beau and pleasant to hear how Black athletic or musical talent is unique and special. Forgotten is how Whites financed it, produced it, drove it so as to exploit uniquely to their own pecuniary advantage.

From the actual insecurity, inequality, and social misery, to the whining, fighting, rioting, and to occupational skills which are of a class lower than for other racial groups, a minority of Whites has always, and continues to make money off of every single drop of Black sweat. The word “frenemies” doesn’t do this malefic relationship justice. The slaver was no friend of his Black “chattel” but at least he didn’t pretend to be. The 21st century wolf-pack of negriers gives a Black “performer” money with one hand, and then stabs him with another while smiling and paying his victim compliments about his victim-hood

Blacks weren’t promised equality when dragged to Louisiana to pick cotton. Today Blacks are sold a bridge with “White America’s Guilt,” while they satisfy White America’s fetishistic voyeurism for Black violence, incredulity, and lunacy.

In the 18th century Black suffering contributed to the wealth of America — today it contributes to entertaining it,

and the Black middle classes who make this contribution, do so in three specific domains. Sports retirees who did not waste all their salaries on booze and escort services when performing on ESPN; music retirees who did not waste all their earnings on drugs, self-promotion, and Veuve-Clicquot while performing on VEVO and MTV, and third — second rate businesses living off of public spending aimed at promoting Black entrepreneurship so the Democrats can padlock the Black vote using White taxpayers money.

A non remunerated fourth category exists: “Community representatives” of the organizational and intellectual type, whose role in America is of ferrymen between the Black “community” and Whites, to which the family of Obama, the Jacksons, the Sharpton, and also the Thomas Sowells, and Shelby Steele’s all belong. These men who “represent” overlap with a Black “intellectual class” whose contribution to the general sciences is negligible, but dominant in the domain of race history and race relations.

By no stretch of the imagination is this a professional profile comparable to that of White America, Asian America, or even Hispanic America, and it suggests that Black America lives on the edge, in a perpetual kind of precarity. Keep on encouraging the Kirkpatricks to mock their supporters’ patriotic leanings, and government jobs will be all that remains of Black employment. Remove government spending as Libertarians are wont, and Black employment is nixed. Left standing will be Black-owned Black-oriented business, largely in the form of internet Afro-centric publications, associations, and event organizers, hardly enough to prevent all of Black America from sliding into mass unemployment and pauperism.

Relative to such a disturbing profile of the Black average, middle class Whites in America are Privileged. They create Googles, Apples, and Amazons. They do not comprise a minstrel class of “performers” be they musical or physical. White business can buy the governments of entire countries, and some can even buy all the Black owned businesses in America with their yearly profits alone. Such an asymmetry is not sustainable in any society, for any periods of time, let alone in an America where freedom of expression blurs the line between — freedom to denigrate, harass, badger, threaten, incite, and intimidate- with the Privilege of Free Inquiry.

The word “privilege” denotes a social status relative to the groups under consideration. America’s Blacks are poorer than America’s Whites, but they are far wealthier than just about anyone else on the planet, White or Black. White Privilege is real, when comparing America’s Whites and America’s Blacks, but by the same token, Black Privilege is equally real, when further comparisons are made.

Even if Black Americans are limited to performance and government procurement, their material well being remains of a different caliber than what’s available to the majority of humans on this planet. They are richer than Whites cramped in tiny flats in the UK or those playing with a yo-yo in the small back-yards of the Dutch, Danish, and French middle classes.

Spain and Italy, outside of prominent cities, look poorer, and less well kept than most Black neighborhoods throughout America. The average Black here lives materially no worst than the average white in Atlantic Europe, without mentioning the rest of the continent where people are even more indigent than in Naples or Extramadura.

Some will retort that Black privilege cannot be defined relative to Whites in Kosovo, or Romania, but to Whites in the zip codes that are accessible with a domestic paid postage. Why think of oneself privileged compared to Mexicans, if one’s immediate surroundings consist of Americans, and not Spanish speakers?

As with White Privilege, Black Privilege does not want to be called by its name, and prefers to remain non-existent. Why pop the bubble of self-flattery, of victim-hood, of possible political capital useful for agitation, mobilization, and fist pumping? Why accept that just because person A is richer than person B, this doesn’t mean either of them are poor.

No one wants to admit to having privilege. Everyone wants to deny it, or claim that others have even more, hence they must have none.

Compared to the rest of the world, America’s Whites are the richest demographic on the planet. They are economically on top of the world, without this saying anything about the privilege non-Whites enjoy in the same political system. Blacks are not as rich as America’s Whites, but they are just as privileged as everyone else is in America, relative to general poverty and insecurity reigning on Earth.

The wealth of America’s Whites relative to its Blacks and Hispanics, is responsible for tensions that cannot be ignored, but it should not be used to obscure privileges Blacks and Hispanics enjoy, which while not as easily tallied as the number of cars and homes one owns, are sometimes far more important.

Professional privilege does not equal social capital. As has been the case throughout history, professionals are often ruthlessly exploited, pace China, Nazi Germany, and the USSR. Occupational profiles are predictors of cultural norms, not social privilege.

Nor does economic advantage leaven all the political dough. Material well-being in general is an uncertain indicator of the sustainability of a society, culture, or civilization.

Wonderfully rich societies have come and gone across the globe. They have done so in Africa, Cambodia, and Siberia. All the continents have witnessed the rise of palatial splendor and magnificent wealth. Their demise being the interest of archeologists, who are glorified grave-digger. The study of material wealth is the study of human fossils, and rare is the culture which after dying, has bequeathed its political story to posterity.

The risk of an American collapse, where material wealth is abundant, but the social almost absent, will be no different. Today we argue ourselves to death about privilege based on who is White or Black enough, but by the time our nation metastasizes into Honduras, the only one’s who will give a damn about our polemics will be the Martian archeologists digging through our graves. Our arguing needs to stop when it is repetitive and no longer serves any purpose other than denigration. Constructive ideas need to be proposed, and new ideas tried.

The problem of White Privilege, in as much as it is a constitutive factor in the demise of America, needs to be addressed not by dilettantes, and opinionated talk-show hosts, but by those who can conceive of America as a system which is in need of preservation not for anyone’s personal self-interest, but for the sake of the planet in the long-term. Nothing is a greater threat to world peace than a tottering America ready to fall into the abyss. Our friends and enemies can smell blood and will be tempted to sink their teeth into one another expecting that we will either stand by idly, or intervene in absurd and counter-productive ways.

We are already witnessing this, and by the time all of America looks like Charlottesville, some frustrated Trump aide will slice POTUS’s throat (think Bannon, or even patricide!) and all mayhem will break loose. A stumbling nation loosing its bearings will see its military lash out against all and sundry with no civilian control to be had. Nuclear war will no longer be the stuff of sensationalist headlines and hucksters hawking us bunkers and nutritional supplements – it will be the inevitable result of the “Above the Fra-yers,” of the “extremists,” of the naysayers, the know-betters, the BLM, Antifa, KKK, LaRazas, LGTBS and AIPACs put together. It will be the fault of all Americans, and especially those, for whom denial of privilege is so essential to their identity.

White Privilege is a reality, but in ways neither the Left nor Right even begin to understand. The question of how the average American White, whose chances of running a business or working in Google are a thousand times higher than that of a Black or Hispanic, can translate probability into psychological, behavior, and political privileges requires adult discussion, not slogans about tearing down the White Patriarchy or garbage about Black Lives Mattering (who ever suggested they don’t?).

Being the richest demographic in the world, it should follow that America’s polarizing politics are an expression of White America’s inability to address its own sense of privilege. Expressions of problems within the White psyche, rather than problems of actual wealth, inequality, or injustice between the races of America.

While groups such as the KKK are numerically equivalent to Antifascists, it is a given that both are responses of Whites to White Privilege, and that as such both are inadequate and reckless. Between the two “extremes” lies an America which is Antifascist in word, and Fascist in deed. Just as normal people cannot distinguish Antifascists from actual Fascists, nor for that manner from any anti-democratic and anti-social paradigm, so too America, irrespective of race, preaches one thing, and lives another. Americans, Black, White, or Brown, do not walk the talk, nor do they talk the talk depending on to whom it is they talk.

By day, trendy Americans are homosexual, fat-positive, going on and on about their Jewish, Mexican, Italian, and African ancestry while brown-nosing their friends with gibberish about Martin Luther King and Gandhi. By night, all of these hypocrites in houses far bigger than the average in Japan, Korea, Germany, or France, watch porn, and masturbate. They could care less about Gandhi, their grandmother who died in the potato famine, in the Atlantic crossing, or in Auschwitz. Porn, entertainment, and political put-downs are everyone’s favorite past-times. Little Nazis running amok on Twitter, Facebook, and Kik.

All Americans come across as genuinely racist, divided, depressed, spiteful, and weary of one another; Blacks considerably more than Whites, justifying their bitterness with greater historical injustice while only imitating the pattern set by Whites of being Antifascists by Day, and Fascists by Night.

It is a profound analytical mistake to underestimate the ability of Whites to toggle between Antifascist and hard-core Republicanism (i.e. “die-as-you-are-I-can’t-be-bothered-about-you”). As a response to White Privilege, this switching sets the pace for the rest of the country, dragging everyone down into the murky depths of divisive dishonesty. To ignore how White Privilege severs the link between White economic status and the sincerity with which Whites espouse Anti-Racist and Racist views in the 24-daily cycle — is a denial of White Privilege itself.

Why is it that in one instance Whites claim that “race does not exist,” or that they are “not White” for reason X, Y, and Z, and in another take up causes in which their Whiteness is the ticket to participation?

Virtually all of America’s social justice agenda is driven by a malignant loathing and 24/7 agitation against Whiteness. This needs to be accepted as much as White Privilege cannot be denied. Are the White boys and girls, and White lawyers, intellectuals, and ivory tower perps (pretending to be not-White because that’s what White Privilege allows them to!) partaking in the Crusade Against Whiteness oblivious to the dubious manner in which their own Whiteness allows them to participate in this fight, by giving them a pass when they denigrate their own and other people’s Whiteness?

Does it not occur to these Whites, that their ability to lead an anti-White fight, is a kind of privilege that their Black allies do not, and do not intend to ever have? Is it not clear to these Whites that the non-White contingent partaking in their anti-White agitation is not doing so out of the self-hatred or auto-denigration inherent to their own effort?

How delusional does one have to be to not see that the non-Whites in this fight are fighting for exactly opposite reasons from the Whites? That they are not looking to be self-critical, or annihilate themselves for the sake of the “other” or the non-self?

Black Lives (Should) Matter does not function via auto-denigration. It is assertive, and on the prawl. It is not denying its non-Whiteness. It is praising it, pimping it, selling it. The Whites fools encouraging them in this are de facto urinating on themselves for their, and BLMs delight. Their non-White allies are exulting their non-White identity and loving themselves for not being White. The Whites are there to express shame at their own White faces, and to prove that this shame makes them better than those Whites who are unaware of the pleasure of such mental retardation.

The Blacks in Black Lives Matter do not have the privilege of public acts of groveling and brown-nosing, that is the exclusive privilege of Whites. Blacks cannot pretend that being gay, Jewish, or having a vagina magically removes the burden of White Privilege from their midst. They do not have the cache to question whether their ancestors were illiterate ignoramuses who with all their innocence and simplicity contributed far less to the betterment of humanity than the thousands of racist Whites whose crimes pushed them into the lunacy of assuming that “humanity” deserved abolition, equality, and freedom.

In the public displays of misery and ignorance which are becoming part and parcel of American political life, White participants use their Whiteness to spit on other Whites while Blacks use their Blackness to praise all Non-Whites, and the two “allies” could not be more different and their alliance the more unnatural.

Are the Whites whose White Privilege distorts their minds into permanent schizophrenia so stupid, so self-centered, so ignorant as to not understand that far from it being the KKK who carries the banner of “ White Privilege” it is their specific anti-White agitation as Whites that is the essence of the White Privilege they claim to be fighting? The privilege to hold up one’s ancestors to unimaginably vicious scrutiny? To vilify them without caring to know them?

Who are these Whites doing all this for? Who do they pretend to be serving?

If it’s for themselves, then they are attacking White Privilege because they are White and don’t know how to deal with it. They flee their own Whiteness by attacking Whites who might accidentally remind them of it.

If it is for the non-Whites, then there are some very bad assumptions being made which are the opposite of what’s being advertised. In using their Whiteness to ingratiate themselves with non-Whites through acts of auto-denigration, i.e. intense and obsequious tongue-up-the-ass brown-nosing Whites make one astonishing assumption. They assume, or impute to non-Whites a fear of Whiteness which they try to address by directing their thoughts and actions into attacks on Whiteness.

What could be more reassuring to someone like Cassius Clay, Shaquille O’Neal or feeble little Mike Tyson, than a 5’3″ White lawyer bending over backwards with “Whites are Evil” and “White Patriarchy must be Crushed” over a serving of bacon and eggs for breakfast? It’s perfectly normal that a strong black man faced with a rapacious New York loyar always assumes the goon is armed, and a hardened racist perpetually struggling with an impulse to kill strong Black men. Don’t all White people do that? Aren’t they all secretly wishing to join the Klan, and eradicate the Black man? Is that why they all look like Hitler?

One can just imagine how the average Black man, weak and frail, needs perpetual reassurances from White people that they don’t want to shoot him, maim him, or just punch him in the face because his blackness is so funny to them. That’s why Whites have to perform acrobatics of perpetual self-denigration — so that Mike Tyson doesn’t have quiver wondering if the Blue-Eyed-Devil isn’t about to knock him out with an unexpected hook.

Sure, that’s the fairy-tale reading of White Virtue Signaling, the idea that it’s a technique of saying to Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics — don’t be afraid of me, just because I’m White, doesn’t mean I’m a Nazi! It’s redundant and impractical make-belief, and it ignores White Privilege. White Privilege which tells a different story:

“Minorities are tough, they are aggressive, they are savages with nothing to lose, they can hurt me physically unless I convince them that I am their friend. My ‘race’ doesn’t fight and can’t defend me, but I can go and hide in my suburban homo. I actually have something to lose if I blow my lid, that home, the car, my dreams. Kissing minority ass is a small price to pay for being able to go home after work/school to watch my favorite porn-star. ”

“ I’m ready to get on my knees and kiss minority ass if that is what being a brain-dead White conformist means in the America of today. That way they wont touch my house, my car, my job. I wont have any legal trouble.”

Psychoanalysis of mainstream White America’s reaction to its own White Privilege.

How is it that America’s Whites boast such wealth that they can spit on their own shoes, and not bat an eyelash when called on it? To do a bait and switch between “race does not exist” to being race-obsessed, because it actually serves some deeper self-interest?

Ask an average White professional what their race is, and they respond that they have no race, or that race does not exist. The same people will then eagerly spout that Obama was the victim of White racism without wondering how such racism can exist if the people accused of it don’t exist.

For Whites, Whiteness is an disturbing category, which applies to others, and not themselves. “Yes, Whites exist, but I don’t exist as a White”, is the big White Lie resulting from the left-wing White response to White Privilege. A response as stupid as the neo-Nazis whose arguments for White superiority are grounded in honoring a genocidal maniac whose inferiority as an Austrian dwarf could not be more blatant than if he had been drawn-up for a comic strip.

Progressive Whites insist that Whites are a group of evil-doers to which people only belong in “theory.” Regressive Whites believe that Whites are a hypothetical group of noble Aryan do-gooders. Both beliefs reflect White Privilege.

Is there any other group on the planet, be it in Uganda or Texas, who suffer from comparable problems, and lie more about race than America’s Whites? (Oh yes, Atlantic Europeans are even worst!)

It is baffling how anyone can take Whites seriously, and accept their lies at face value, least of all the plethora of experts on bacteriology, urology, social science, history, etc, the Princeton educated uber-Whites, tall, rich, handsome and whose success is the envy of the world.

The patent hypocrisy of Whiteness screams to high heaven, and it is White Privilege to deny it, or to pretend it doesn’t exist. A privilege defined not by the ability to impose a racial supremacy agenda on the rest of the world, but by the ability to lie, to fabricate, to make-believe and pretend to be something one is not. To play games, to wear masks, to live insincere and duplicitous lives.

Is president Trump White? So why can’t he say so openly, without hostility to himself, or from others? Is Hillary Clinton White? So why can’t she say so without having to denigrate herself, or immediately move into apologetic mode about her Whiteness?

Barack Obama is half-White, but it’s a half no one wants to hear about. He was a “Black” president, not “half-Black” or “half-White” mulatto. As a good “half-White” he had even more arguments as to why, contrary to all his actual ancestry, he was not White at all.

Why do Whites wince and frown upon Whiteness, and outright foam at the mouth when those who refuse to share this self-negating attitude are pushed into the arms of the Andrew Anglins? The Andrew Anglins far more numerous in the ranks of the Antifascist than in the “White Nationalist” groups. The Andrew Anglins whose glee at the suffering of others while being an outlier among the “alt-right” is a dime-a-dozen in America’s left and especially deranged and dangerous Antifa.

Having to choose between who represent White Privilege more, Andrew Anglin or the Antifacists (or ranting Social Justice Warrior making a living spewing hate about the race to which on day 1 they belong, but on day 2 it doesn’t exist, so on day 3 they must destroy it) the verdict comes down on the sides of the majority of Americans who make-believe that they are do-gooders, and who have no race, i.e. the Whites who pretend they don’t exist, who are ashamed of being White and scared witless when it comes to assuming their race in any circumstances other than groveling self-denigration. is the average White American who has normalized extremist attitudes in relation to his economic success, that is responsible for the Charlottevilles which are pushing the country to its logical demise.

Far from seeking out extremists in the KKK and Antifascists, it is the average White American who has normalized extremist attitudes in relation to his economic success, that is responsible for the Charlottevilles which are pushing the country to its logical demise. When an entire class of writers, thinkers, bloggers, scientists, entrepreneurs can shit its pants and get all tied up over the question of its their own racial identity, it is easy to blame Trump, Obama, the KKK, and Antifascists on what is by any measure, failings common to every American.

For all their talent and dynamism, there is not a single group in the country today which relates to the question of White Privilege beyond their own self-serving interests. Everyone wants to take over America for their own benefit, everyone want the Privilege for themselves, and the only group where a numerical majority enjoy Privilege spends its social outings convincing itself that it does not exist, and if G-d forbid it ever did exist, it should cease to do so immediately. White Privilege, White Privilege. Economic, but not political. Economic but not cultural. Economic, but not social. Economic, but not psychological, mental, or one of sanity.

America is falling apart because White Privilege is over-expressed by Whites denying their Whiteness. Whites are lying to themselves and everyone else about themselves, to the detriment of the entire country’s integrity. It’s atrocious, it’s pathetic, it’s tragic, but it’s not inevitable, it’s not terminal, and it can be stopped and overcome.

The situation is not insurmountable. Peoples of all races have had to get along from the dawn of time and they will have to do so till its end. There aren’t two, forty, or a million solutions to America’s decline and the manner in which White responses to White Privilege precipitate it.

Just as every group in America has its NAACP, La Raza, LGTB-this and Jewish-that, so too, there must be an organization for those Whites who do not fit into the “I’m White but not-White” self-deception category, who have come or will come to understand that dealing with White Privilege by denying it, or denigrating other Whites and Whiteness, does neither them, nor others, any good.

The same Whites who are recognized by law as the “Majority” and which the law seeks to prevent from exercising their numerical or economic dominance in political and cultural forms by giving them no choice but to join the KKK or Antifa in dealing with their Whiteness, need to stop bullshitting themselves and everyone else about who they are, and get their act together.

All the NAACP and La Razas in the world are useless if they have no White counter-part organization with which to sit at the table. If all Whiteness amounts to is self-abnegation then these organizations and others which are dominated by Whites but which are “Anti-White” due to a religious or sexual “get out of jail card” should immediately be banned as a threat to America’s future.

Ethnic, religious, and racial organizations either have to work in concert, or not work at all. Jim Crow is over, and preventing Whites from having a decent, socially acceptable platform to formulates their own interests and share it with the public, means letting La Raza, NAACP, and Andrew Anglins to do so on their behalf.

Non-Whites would be best served to understand this as well. The hysteria of assuming that any attempt by Whites to form a self-interest group constitutes a threat to non-White interest is a racist, and indefensible prejudice. It implies that Whites are inherently evil, bent on genocide, and dominance. It sends the message that unlike all other groups Whites have no right to their identity, self-preservation, or self-interest. These are racist assumptions no different from the caricatures the KKK have of blacks and Muslims, but assumptions which are accepted in the mainstream as “normal” and “non-extremist”, by — of course — none other than Whites themselves.

A society which systematically gives voices to only parts of its members, will inevitably trip up and die on this selectivity. America went from a country in which Blacks had to shut their mouths so Whites could dominate, to a country where Whites have to keep their mouth shuts so others don’t have to “feel” dominated by them.

It is time to break with the racist cycle of history, and to give everyone an equal voice, so we can witness the Trumps and Clintons not cringe when talking about their own Whiteness, and maybe even witness an Obama who is as proud of his White ancestry as his Kenyan-Black one (dream on).

Sociologically one cannot expect a group to do anything but maximize its own access to resources without any concern for others in the system, or the system itself. To various degrees, this has always been the case in America.

It is indisputable that our country was created by implicit and explicit White supremacy. America was a country founded by Whites, for Whites, in which the use of Black labor for the exclusive enrichment of a few Whites stirred the rare soul into active opposition. This is historical fact, and it is not debatable. What is debatable, is what this implied for the “holier-than-thou” description of non-Whites.

Bearing the unquestionable savageries of White masters did not automatically transform Blacks into humanists, humanitarians, nor boasting infinite love for humanity. Both Whites and Blacks remained self-centered, regardless of the asymmetry of their relationship. Neither can claim behavior which transcended their own racial self-interest.

Colonial whites were unique in establishing states in which they relegated darker skin to lower social status, but this did not cause the darker skinned to grow wings and sport halos.

While oppressed by Whites, blacks challenged slavery on the grounds of being its victims, not on the basis of universal principles. What universality infused the White led Abolitionist cause, came from the Bible, and the Enlightenment, i.e. it came from “White culture” which challenged the very institutions it had created. It was a universalism unique to Christianity and to European philosophy, with a commitment to ideals which transcended the self-interests of specific human groups.

The debates of Valladolid, imply that Whites had second thoughts about White supremacy right from the get-go. It is not insignificant that while they created ethnocratic states, so too they created their immediate opposites, states where men were subject to laws, not whims and dictates of custom or autocrats. There has been no other group of humans that has ever endeavored to propose such systems of governance. In fact, there have been no groups of humans which on any grounds had ever challenged the social order within which they were created as persistently and destructively as Whites.

While the horrors of Black slavery in the Atlantic had no historical precedent, there was also no precedent for any other group other than Whites of seeking to abolish such horrors and emend their mistakes.

It is patronizing to explain away the uniqueness of this White contribution as being nothing but the uniqueness of White power. How did this power come about in the first place? Accompanied as it was, by doubt and debate? By the time it was abandoned, by organized effort of Whites, why were even marginal Whites eager to ditch the racism that earned their father’s a patch of soil in what were initially distant land?

In every instances where non-Whites wielded political power, such as in the Barbary Coast, Ethiopia, the Ottoman lands, and in the Far East, locals made no bones of keeping power to themselves, and for their own people. They didn’t bother espousing transcendental principles expressing interest in the fate of any other group but their own. This is simple group-utility maximization, and it serves no one to pretend that someone somewhere, some other race or group, was, or is different from Whites.

The majority of Whites in America were not concerned with the situation of non-Whites in the country at any point, but neither the Chinese nor Africans seem remotely interested in the fate of non-Africans or non-Chinese, and a great deal of Anti-White agitation by Whites and non-Whites alike is a cover for the rabid racism, bigotry, intrinsic to their races and communities.

Today America’s Whites can no longer translate economic privilege into political, social, and cultural meaning. Whites who exist as a social class due to our racist laws and the perpetuity of the business continuity, have no publicly acceptable political voice. It is a group of highly sophisticated liars, educated in every domain conceivable, except in being themselves with integrity, and dignity. How this could possibly serve the interests of anyone, White or non-White, is incomprehensible, but that neither Whites or Non-Whites truly care, is predictable.

If White Americans do not find their own voice, the world will pay the price.

If White Americans do not find their own voice, the world will pay the price. If non-Whites are part of the effort to exclude Whites, they will reinforce the stereotype that Whites are the only group capable of transcending their racial self-interest, and the only ones who have ever subjected themselves to a farthing of self-criticism. A uniqueness which will have Whites ferociously opposing any possibility of racial self-organization and precipitate the very collapse which so many of them deeply desire, without a thought as to the consequences for Non-Whites.

Without organization, only the the Antifascists and KKK are left to speak on Whites’ behalf. If there is no mainstream way to engage the NAACP, and the only manner for Whites to participate in setting the parameters of America’s multi-ethnic dynamics is by joining LGTB and various “ethnic/religious” outfits, the country wont last a decade with its present borders.

It befuddles the mind how the smart men and women who run America, with their Harvard and Stanford MBAs, remaining overwhelmingly White (irrespective of religious origin) can be so obtuse to the mechanism by which their hysterical fear of Whites having an organized voice, is goading America to its death.

These “powerful” elites are as nervous and jilted by their Whiteness, as is the average self-hating Antifascist. All the wealth in the world can’t buy them a pair of testicles. They may be tall, tanned, and regularly cleanse their rectums, but their money, status, and avarice, can’t buy them a functional brain or an honest heart. They’ve climbed the social ladder with privilege in their sails. The privilege of never having to rely on courage, to achieve anything. It was all calculation, risk, and ambition. They’ve never had to actually transcend themselves, or have a serious talk with the mirror. They are the biggest extremists in our midst. Foul levels of White Privilege, suffocating everyone else down bellow with putrid smells of cowardice and malicious two-faced double-dealing. Millionaires who can weep like little children the day All Sharpton knocks on their door with a racial lawsuit and suggestions of a New York Times editorial exposing them as “racists” and “bigots.”

It is time for an attitude change, and it specifically must begins in the minds of the overweened bankers, journalists, and opinion makers chairing the business councils and editorial boards of America, not to mention running influential blogs.

Stop pretending you’re not White if that’s what you, irrespective of your gender or religion, are. Think of how you can contribute to a positive form of self-identity before your White Privilege of denying your Whiteness and denigrating it at every turn, allows the Antifascists and Andrew Anglins to determine your and everyone else’s future.

Race may be a construct, but its a construct that everyone has to bear. Either everyone is a construct, and it is a privilege to be proud of one’s construct, or no one is a construct, and it is a burden for everyone, white, black, or brown to be seen as such. It’s not because Whites loath Whiteness, that it is any less real than Blackness, Jewishness, or homosexuality, and there is a point at which social equality becomes about equality of expressed self-love with concepts which are imperfect, but which nevertheless remain necessary and indispensable. Whiteness is such an imperfect concept.

It’s time for an organized platform for Whites, no different from the NAACP. America deserves it. The world deserves it.

It’s time for an organized platform for Whites, no different from the NAACP. It is plain and obvious for anyone with a rational mind to see. America deserves it. The world deserves it.

The paranoid fear of such an organization, carries far greater costs than benefits. The NAACP never harmed anyone, and neither will a platform which allows whites who wake up to their whiteness on a basis of equality and respect for non-whites.

A people who loathe and despises themselves are far more dangerous to the general well being of humanity than a people which may occasionally love itself beyond reasonable merit. Love, in any form, is better than hate, so why allow one group to get away with self-hate, knowing that inevitably this hate will not do anyone any good?

It is high time America include Whites in its self-flattering vision of a country where everyone can find their place under the sun, irrespective of one’s origins or the color of one’s skin. The place to begin is in the minds of White readers who cannot come to grips with their Whiteness, but who need to do so if America is to avoid turning into one giant Charlottesville.

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